Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Visitor

Our Volunteer Visitors are the face of the Charity and we believe it is vital that we ensure all of those who give their time to the Charity are fully supported. We are proud to have achieved our Investing in Volunteers accreditation and we continue to provide training and advice throughout your time with us.

Have a look here at our upcoming training dates and refreshers courses

Tel:  020 8834 9200 | Email

Personal safety

We would never ask you to go anywhere if we thought it was unsafe, though you must always be mindful of your personal safety. Our training course includes guidance on personal safety but we recommend you also have a look at the Suzy Lamplugh Trust which tells you how to stay safe as a lone worker:
Remember: Always put your personal safety first. If you feel unsafe or threatened at any time, abort the visit and remove yourself from the situation immediately.


If you are really keen on volunteering and would like to see more opportunities we suggest the following websites:

For more resources about volunteering you can also visit Volunteering England, part of NCVO, of which Elizabeth Finn Care is a member organisation.

 Investing in volunteers

County Committee member

We now have a dedicated website for our County Committees where you can find all the resources you need. It includes a guide to help you plan and organise events, a calendar of upcoming events, as well as design templates and other useful resources.

Visit our County Committee website on www.efcommittees.org.uk

Welfare benefits

Turn2us helps people in financial hardship maximise their income by allowing them to gain access to welfare benefits or tax credits that they may be entitled to. It does this through an online Benefits Calculator as well as through information about other financial help. Visitors to the Turn2us website can also check whether they may be eligible to any other charitable grants through an online Grants Checker. This service is part of Elizabeth Finn Care and designed to be free, confidential and easy to use.

For more information visit www.turn2us.org.uk

Mental health

We work with the charity Mind to help our volunteers deal with applicants who may have mental health issues.
If an applicant is concerned that they are suffering from mental health issues or are supporting someone who is, Mind can help them make choices about treatment, understand their rights or reach out to sources of support.

For more information about the support offered contact 020 8834 9200 or email visitor@elizabethfinn.org.uk.

You may also like to visit their website at www.mind.org.uk