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What we do
Elizabeth Finn Care is a national charity that gives direct financial support to individuals in need and through Turn2us helps millions more to gain access to the money available to them in welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help.

We work to provide practical and effective solutions to each individual’s particular problems.

How we can help:

• Give grants, e.g. to replace essential household equipment or for building repairs

• Find alternative sources of financial help with our Turn2us services – by checking your benefits entitlement or searching for help from any other grant giving charities.

We provide care and individual attention through contact with our well-trained, understanding and experienced caseworkers and Volunteer Case Consultants. This enables the people we help to feel valued and cared for once again. 

The final part of our family is Elizabeth Finn Homes Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elizabeth Finn Care. They operate a group of nine award-winning care homes in England and ten almshouse cottages near Birmingham.  For more information, please visit the Elizabeth Finn Homes website.