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Frequently asked questions

Naturally, people have questions before they apply to us for help, and there are some that come up more often than others. Below are answers to some of our most frequently answered questions, please read these before getting in touch as they may answer your query.

What is Elizabeth Finn Care and what do you do?
Elizabeth Finn Care is a national charity that gives direct financial support to individuals in need and through Turn2us helps millions more to gain access to the money available to them in welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help.  Please visit 'About us' for more information about Elizabeth Finn Care.

What kind of people do you help?
We give help to people of British or Irish nationality, or residents of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland who hold or have held jobs that require NVQ Level 4 or equivalent.  This usually means anyone who has had substantial training to do their job.

We also help older people who have inadequate pensions.  We also help spouses or ex-spouses (retired or deceased), partners or ex-partners (retired or deceased) of anyone who matches our criteria.

Typically, the people we help have slipped into poverty due to long-term physical or mental illness, family breakdown, bereavement or redundancy.  If these aren't the main causes, they certainly make a situation worse.

Please look at our eligibility guidelines for more information about our eligibility criteria.

What sort of help do you give?
The kind of help we give depends on individual circumstances.  We give direct grants to help pay for specific items or help needed, and the amount we give is carefully calculated so that it does not affect any other benefits that you might receive.

Some people need extra support if they do not have close family or friends on hand to help them.  Regular contact with our well trained Caseworkers and Volunteer Case Consultants gives the people we help a support network to turn to if needed.

Do you help with holidays?
No, we don't pay for holidays as a rule.  However, we can help with convalescence or a respite break.

Can you help with bankruptcy charges, funeral costs or school or college fees?
No, we can't help with these costs.  We can direct you to other sources of funding via the Turn2us website, which comprises a benefits checker, grants search and other useful resources.

After the initial contact with Elizabeth Finn Care, what happens?
We will ask you to complete and return an enquiry form setting out your needs and how you meet our eligibility criteria.

Click here to complete this enquiry form online, or to download a copy of it to print and complete by hand. This leaflet is available in English and Welsh language versions.

How long will it take to find out whether I'm eligible?
Once we receive your completed form, we can tell you immediately whether or not you are eligible.

If my application is accepted, how long will it take before I begin to receive help?
The process usually takes up to six weeks.  First, the Case Worker who is assigned to assist you has to build up a case about your situation.  They will contact the Department of Work and Pensions as well as your local Council to confirm other benefits and Council tax that you may receive.

The process also depends on the information you include on your application form.  For instance, you might be eligible because your partner or ex-partner meets our criteria.  Contacting people to confirm such information takes time.

The more information you give us - such as occupations, copies of benefit letters, copies of bank statements and a copy of your passport, if needed - the quicker we can process your application.

Do you help with Care Home top-up fees?
Yes we do. There is a savings limit of £10,000 and the maximum we give is £50 per week.